Why is an MRI Scan Done?

An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a procedure done with magnets and radio waves to create a detailed scan of your body. Think about it like a very hi-tech X-ray without the potential damage from long term X-ray exposure. If there is something going on inside of your body, then either an open MRI scan or a closed MRI scan will figure out what’s wrong.

Getting a Closer Look

It can help doctors get a clear look inside of your body without using surgery, and especially helps out with looking at the nervous system and brain. Doctors will see a clear image of your brain and can search for damaged blood vessels, injuries, cancer tumors, and other abnormalities. The procedure can also look for damage to the heart, spine, bones, and other organs.

Once they see what the problem is and the effects it is having on the body, then the doctors can prescribe an effective treatment.

open MRI

How does it work?

Getting scanned is an interesting process, where you lie down in a metal tube, dressed in a gown, and then the tube encloses you. The magnets and radio waves slowly move up and down your body, and whatever they scan, they project that image onto the computer where doctors can see it.

If you are uncomfortable with being placed in a tube for around twenty minutes, then an open MRI can still scan you just as well, only you won’t be surrounded by magnets. You’ll only be covered on the top and bottom, and will be able to see your surroundings and hopefully feel more comfortable.

Once the scan is complete, you’ll be able to get back to your workday like normal, and the doctor will speak with you in a few days about the results once they have been analyzed.